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Интересные цитаты со словом душа (soul) из толкового словаря Oxford Dictionary

Theological liberalism ends with the destruction of immortal souls.

According to folk religious beliefs, babies up to one year old don't have souls and can be considered like small animals.

He describes each work as an extension of his soul and his culture.

Being in nature with understanding friends soothes the soul, calms emotional swings and might well provide respite from night sweats.

A genuine artist, his fiery, passionate nature carried over to his work and transformed it into a feast for the senses that captured the soul.

It felt like medicine to soothe the soul and awaken the senses.

The holidays provide a different sort of nourishment - one that feeds the soul and indulges the senses.

It's happy music, but it comes from our souls, from our emotional scars.

Some say that a reading an author's works is a window to their soul and identity.

He recalled what Harry had said to him so long ago, that the only way to cure the soul was through the senses.

Here at last one might find rest from our too frenetic world, and stopping, learn something for one's soul.

His writing became a bellweather for the health of my soul and my sense of place in America.

Their interpretation lacked soul.

Of course, the longer that lack of heart and soul and courage and energy remained, the more it became a way of being, a destructive habit.